Melissa Whyte

Melissa, who goes by her artist name Yher (pronounced Why-Her), is a mixed media artist who was born and raised in Venice Los Angeles, California where she there developed her style and morals for the art scene. She has always been artistic and creative a majority of her life and now Yher has been painting characters and murals since 2011. Yher has over 5 professional years being commissioned for large murals, traditional artwork, and joining large productions and collaborations with many different L.A based artists.

Yher hopes to bring women sensuality awareness through her personal work, meaning she hopes to show the world how important female gender issues are. She desires to show traditional culture incorporated into her pieces, such as custom culture values and traditions. Her art is large, bold, intricate, sensual, & eye catching to any viewer. She makes anything from murals, to traditional art, to sculptures, and more.

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